GiGwi 스컹크 봉제 인형 스퀴커


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GiGwi 스컹크 봉제 인형 스퀴커


GiGwi Plush Skunk with Squeaker.

Plush Friendz will always keep your dog enterertained while you are away!

Despite the number of different materials most of the dogs still prefer to play with plush toys. 

GiGwi Plush Friendz are ideal to fetch, snuggle, or chew.

Soft toys retain your pet's scent to keep him coming back to it again and again. Some dogs like to simply carry plush toys around in their mouth.

Cute, soft and cuddly friends feature charming designs made from quality, non-toxic materials.

Each has minimal fill for minimal mess and one, several or even changeable inner squeakers to help entice dogs to play. Once playtime's over, your dog will cuddle up with its new friend to recharge with a nap.

GiGwi Plush Skunk with Squeaker measures 34cm long (including 16cm tail).

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